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Domestic Disinformation Threat is Growing and Aims to Undermine U.S. Institutions

A growing domestic movement is seeking to gain power by discrediting, rigging and subverting the trusted procedures and mechanisms of America’s democratic self-governance. A group of experts at the University of Buffalo is helping to combat the threats by closely scrutinizing the existing legal treatment of speech and information and the media in which they appear.

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The Emergence of Disinformation as a Major Threat

The warped reality of disinformation spreading online is a national security risk requiring an all-hands-on-deck approach to thwart the growing dangers. In this three-part series, experts at the University of Buffalo’s Center for Information Integrity assess the threats, the danger they pose, and a range of possible solutions.
First in a three-part series…

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Washington’s Support for Defense-Critical Semiconductors Won’t Fix What Ails Industry

The semiconductor industry is enjoying a rare moment in the sun. Thanks to supply shortages and the U.S. government’s belated realization of the role semiconductors play in weapons systems and elsewhere, congressional leaders and the Biden administration are committing taxpayers to spending billions on domestic chip factories. It’s been a long time coming.

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