Defense Spending

Big Mismatch Between the Biden Administration’s New Defense Plan and an Underfunded U.S. Navy

There is a big mismatch between the Biden administration’s new National Defense Strategy and its push for forces to be equipped for global campaigning and the current projections for the U.S. Navy. The conventional manned fleet, the combat logistics force and the developing unmanned side of the Navy all need additional support to meet the NDS’s campaigning requirements.

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Scrap the Individual Military Branches in Favor of a Single Warfighting Force

It’s time to scrap the U.S. armed forces. If you just spewed your Cheerios across the breakfast table, I should clarify. I’m not suggesting we abandon the military, beat our swords into ploughshares and become pacifists. But it’s time to overhaul how the nation organizes the military services by unifying the service departments into one warfighting component — the United States Defense Forces.

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