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Military Readiness

The Vital Connection Between School Performance, Regional Economic Success and National Security

The U.S. military takes into consideration the quality of local public schools as it decides whether to maintain military commands and offices where they are or move them elsewhere. This provides communities with another big reason to focus on improving schools, because the economic impact of any single military installation can be enormous.

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Time to Turn Down the Temperature with China

China has serious domestic issues and simple portrayals of it as an overwhelming force are misleading and cause many to overlook China’s many weaknesses. We have real issues we must resolve with China, but there is no need to rush towards war.

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Battelle is Key to the Nation’s Biodefenses

In biodefense, there is no more powerful a statement than the first words of the new National Biodefense Strategy: “It is a vital interest of the United States to manage the risk of biological incidents, whether naturally occurring, accidental or deliberate.”

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