Foreign Policy

The Lessons of Humility from Forever Wars

It is the height of arrogance to think the U.S. has a mandate to tell other societies how they should be organized and governed. American arrogance and hubris led us to pursue policies in three wars that never had a chance of success.

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As China Ascends, Concerns Grow It Might Be Tempted into a ‘Splendid Little War’

When a nation newly ascends or returns to the status of a leading international power, it often feels the need to publicly demonstrate its rise through a brief, victorious war. Today, China’s increasing strength may tempt it to pursue such a conflict, and not necessarily with Taiwan, if it anticipates—perhaps incorrectly—that victory will be swift, decisive and demonstrative.

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Time to Turn Down the Temperature with China

China has serious domestic issues and simple portrayals of it as an overwhelming force are misleading and cause many to overlook China’s many weaknesses. We have real issues we must resolve with China, but there is no need to rush towards war.

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