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Big Mismatch Between the Biden Administration’s New Defense Plan and an Underfunded U.S. Navy

There is a big mismatch between the Biden administration’s new National Defense Strategy and its push for forces to be equipped for global campaigning and the current projections for the U.S. Navy. The conventional manned fleet, the combat logistics force and the developing unmanned side of the Navy all need additional support to meet the NDS’s campaigning requirements.

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Counter-Drone Legislation Needs a Major Overhaul

Pressure is mounting in Congress to update legislation that guides the use of defensive systems that protect against aerial drones. At present, the legislative framework underpinning the use of these systems needs major revision because it was formulated at a time before the widespread proliferation of drone technology.

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Domestic Disinformation Threat is Growing and Aims to Undermine U.S. Institutions

A growing domestic movement is seeking to gain power by discrediting, rigging and subverting the trusted procedures and mechanisms of America’s democratic self-governance. A group of experts at the University of Buffalo is helping to combat the threats by closely scrutinizing the existing legal treatment of speech and information and the media in which they appear.

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Biden Administration Must Do More to Support Iran’s Nascent Revolution

The question of “how to deal with Iran” has been among the top foreign policy challenges for Washington for the past four decades. But with policies focused on Tehran’s nuclear threat and reckless attempts to empower imaginary Iranian “moderates,” Washington has failed to recognize – and strategize for – a revolution that has been long in the works. 

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Much Stronger Focus Needed on Diagnosing Brain Injuries to Curtail Military Suicides


This nation is haunted by the aching loss of recent military suicides. A recent spate of suicides made headlines across the country, underscoring that the ongoing crisis in the military and among veterans continues to cut through the ranks and the families left behind.